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Habitability-Second Occupancy, Energy, Evaluation (building more than 50 years old), Cadastral

Certificates of Second Occupancy

It is a certificate that guarantees the aptitude of the house or building for its use. It is required every time that the second or subsequent transfer of the property takes place, as well as by the supplying companies to register the supplies (water, gas or electricity). It is valid for 10 years.

Its application to the City Council must be accompanied by a technical certificate stating that the building or, as the case may be, the part of the building susceptible to an individualized use, complies with the conditions that led to the granting of the authorization prior to the one requested; and a copy of the corresponding Building Book or building evaluation report must also be provided, when required by the applicable regulations.

What is the process?

We make a visit to your property and, by means of a visual inspection only, taking measurements and photographs, we verify that it complies with the requirements of DECREE 12/2021, of January 22, of the Consell, of regulation of the responsible declaration for the first and successive occupancy of dwellings, or norm that replaces it.

Once we have verified compliance with the requirements, we issue the report. If adjustments have to be made to achieve compliance with the requirements, we inform the promoter and ask him to carry them out, after which we issue the report.

Residential Building Evaluation Report (IEEV.CV)

The Housing Building Evaluation Report in the Valencian Community (IEEV.CV) describes the constructive characteristics of the common elements of the building indicating its state of conservation, its accessibility and energy efficiency conditions, pointing out the constructive, functional, safety or habitability deficiencies detected, in order to warn about them and guide the necessary actions to maintain its adequate state of conservation.

The IEEV.CV is valid for 10 years, from the date of telematic submission.

The drafting and registration of the IEE.CV is mandatory for residential buildings, both single-family and multi-family, in:

  1. In buildings with residential use, housing more than 50 years old.
  2. Provided that the owners of the residential building intend to take advantage of public aid programs for the promotion of rehabilitation.

The obligation to have the IEEV.CV and to pay for it is of the property owner; and in case of buildings under horizontal property regime, the obligation is of the Owners’ Community.

Informe de Evaluación del Edificio Comnitat Valenciana

What is the process?

As regulated in this type of report, we make a visit to your property and, through a visual inspection, taking measurements and photographs, we determine the damage detected in the building. Then, in the office, following the stipulations of Decree 53/2018, of April 27, of the Consell, which regulates the realization of the evaluation report of the building of residential use of housing and its autonomic Registry in the scope of the Comunitat Valenciana, we proceed to:

  • Carry out an inspection visit, make an assessment of the state of conservation to identify the injuries and symptoms, as well as the level of importance of the damages and the maintenance actions in the common elements, and make an assessment of the accessibility in common areas and draft the Energy Efficiency Certificate of the building.
  • With the collected data we write the IEE.CV of the building and we register it in the Autonomous Registry.
  • Once registered, we deliver the report and the registration receipt.

In addition, basic plans of facades and common areas must also be included, determining the real accessibility of the building, and it is an indispensable requirement to attach to this Building Evaluation Report (IEE) the corresponding Energy Efficiency Certificate (CEE), which is normally done at the same time.


It depends on the building, but it is not a quick report. For example, in residential buildings, it is often necessary to visit the building over several days.


The report writing is being partly subsidized by Conselleria in annual programs. More information can be found at:

Energy Efficiency Certificate. CEE.

It is a documentation signed by the competent technician containing information on the energy characteristics, energy efficiency rating and recommendations for possible interventions, technically feasible and individualized in each building or part of it to improve the energy efficiency of a building or part of it.

It is mandatory to:

  • Buildings or parts of buildings to be sold or leased
  • Buildings or parts of buildings in which alterations or extensions are made, in some specific cases.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings with a total usable area greater than 500m2, depending on their use.
  • Buildings required to carry out the Building Evaluation Report or equivalent inspection (see IEEV.CV).
Certificados Eficiencia Energetica EG2 Arquitectos Manises


To obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate and, according to current regulations, we proceed to:

  • Carry out an inspection visit to the property, taking data on, among others, orientation, dimensions, envelope properties, air conditioning and DHW equipment.
  • With the data collected, we draw up the CEE and register it in the Autonomous Registry.
  • Once registered, we deliver the report and the registration receipt.

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